There are three levels of volatility for all slot machines, no matter where they’re located. Slot volatility plays a major role in determining your chances of winning and how much cash you get for your slot wins PGSlot.

This article examines the difference between the most common slots in casinos to help you determine the volatility.

What is Slot Volatility?

Online casinos often have sections dedicated to low-variance slots. Some online casinos tend to advertise the high payouts of their progressive slots and other games with high variance, but they are not likely to disclose the volatility of the titles.

Some casinos will market their slot machines this way because the volatility of the machine is an indicator of its risk. Imagine a roulette and all the bets that you could place. The lowest variants are black/red, odd/even, and double streets. The medium variants of roulette include columns, double streets, and dozens. The riskiest bet in roulette is the straight, street, split, and row.

You can see that low-variance bets offer the lowest possible returns, while riskier wagers can provide a higher return on a lower stake.

The volatility of slot machines is based on the same principles. All physical and online slots vary in volatility depending on the game feature, the payout, and the prize. The risk/reward ratio for a particular slot determines your odds of getting an acceptable return.

Slots with High Volatility

Slot machine with jackpot symbol showing three sevens

Operators and casino managers are prioritizing high-volatility slots when it comes to advertising since they create the most excitement. Why would marketing want to promote these games? Due to the high risk involved, these games have caused patrons to lose their bankrolls. You are likely to lose your money if you choose these slot machines Slot Demo PG.

Why play slots with high volatility? These games have payouts that can be so large, they may even surpass the national lottery in some countries. Due to their volatility, some of the biggest slots have jackpots of up to $10 million.

You should be aware that over half of the high-volatility games do not have progressive jackpots. Muerto En Mictlan by Play’n Go is a good example of this. Randomly, a bet multiplier up to 4x can be activated when you receive a match during the base games.

You can choose between four modes when you trigger the bonus round. The features of each mode are different, including moving, sticky, and expanding wilds. If you match any scatters during one of the free spins, it can prolong your bonus mode by five free games. The bonus mode can be extended by five more free games if you match any scatters in one of your free spins.


Slots with medium volatility offer the best in both risk and payout, as they are located within the middle of the range. In an hour’s play, you can count on a good percentage of spins that are winning. You can expect a decent return on your bets with the medium volatility rate.

Two types of slots have medium volatility. You can also find low-payout slots in the casino if you are looking for a slot that allows you to win a high percentage with a smaller payout. Slots with medium-high risk levels increase both the return on wager and the likelihood of winning.

The medium volatility version of almost every slot feature is available. Medium volatility slots have many features and a progressive jackpot. All low-paying icons are eliminated during the free spins to increase your payouts.

Six Money Symbols will trigger the Money Respin Feature, which gives you an initial three free spins. You receive 3 more spins each time a Money Symbol covers a spot. You will receive the jackpot and all the cash awards on each symbol after the bonus mode. The Grand Jackpot is awarded when you fill all the reels.

Low Volatility Slots

When given the option, people will opt for the slot machines with a lower payout but a lower risk. Slots with low volatility have a lower risk factor, and you’re more likely to be able to get the majority of your wins within one hour. You will get low returns on each bet in exchange.

Slots with low volatility tend to be more limited in their features. This does not mean all games with low risk are without bonus features. With its 576 pay lines and unusual reel layout, Kingdoms Rise Forbidden Forest is a game that breaks all the rules.

The Owl Respins feature is one of the many features in Playtech Origins. It involves a wild and sticky symbol that moves. You can also collect tokens in the Kingdoms Rise Shop by spinning. The tokens you collect can be used to unlock different game features. Three different progressive jackpots are also available.

The Best Volatility for Slots For You

Knowing your goal is important when looking for the best slot machine volatility. Slot machines with high volatility are great for thrill seekers and for those looking to make massive profits despite the possibility of losing their entire bankroll.

Slots with medium volatility are perfect for anyone looking to have fun and get a good return. These titles are not played for a long time, given that they have a high risk. They’re suited to tourists and visitors who want solitary entertainment.

Low volatility slots are perfect for those who don’t want to lose their entire bankroll in a very short period. These games are also played to meet wagering requirements. This involves playing your bonus credits several times in qualified games. Low volatility slots allow you to meet the wagering requirements without spending too much bonus money.

You can find out the slot machine’s volatility rate based on your risk tolerance. Medium volatility slots will give you the most authentic slot experience.

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